2.5. Sci-Fi Movie  

In the Movies section, you can browse all the sci-fi movies by title, years, and upcoming date. If you click on the Title link, this will bring you the list of all the movies in the TOXUUS database in alphabetical order. Upcoming movies are listed under the Upcoming Date tab. Year links show the list of all the movies according to those years. Lists include the title, director, and year of the movie. For upcoming movies US show date is also included for listed movies. To see further details about the movie you selected, click on More Info.

For recently released or upcoming movies you can find the show times in your city by entering your city or the zip code in the Find Local Showtime box, once you select the movie.

You can search the movie titles by entering the keywords in the search box. Your search will generate a list of movies according to the keywords you enter.