4.3. Add/Share Projects  

You can add/share your project under any R&D division you desire, by simply filling the form, which can be reached through Projects > Start a Project.

You can choose from three project types: (i) Developing Project, (ii) Open Question Project, and (iii) Defined Project. For definitions and details see Section 2.1.1 Project Pages.

To fill in the Tags box, see Section 5. Definitions for Abstract, Details, and Notes are also explained in Section 2.1.1 Project Pages. Please fill in these boxes clearly and properly in accordance with their given definitions in Section 2.1.1. This will help you present your project in a more attractive manner to potential project members who visit your project page. You can set your profile public by selecting Visible to Public option, or set Visible to Project Members Only. If the former is selected, the name of the moderator will be displayed in public in the Project Page, otherwise the name will be replaced by Anonymous.

Once you are ready to submit the project, click on Add Project button to complete the process. You can view the project you add/share from My Toxuus > My Projects (see Section 3.2 for more help). You can use the HTML Commands in the bottom as necessary. You can make it shown or hidden by clicking Show/Hide.