7.2. Articles  

There are three types of search for posted Articles: Tag/Inspiration Search, Tag Index, and Advanced Search. They can be accessed from the Articles section.

In the Tag/Inspiration Search you can search the Articles by both its associated Tags and Inspirations. Tags are pre-assigned keywords which best describe the Article. See the help sections Tags and Inspirations for more information. Separate the keywords or phrases that you wish to search by comma.

You can see the list of the Tags available in the article database from Tag Index. You can browse the Tags according to their first character (letter or number). If you click on All, however, you can view the whole list of Article Tags available in the database.

If you choose the Advanced Search option, you can search by either Article ID or Title and Author.

For more information on Articles and how to "Add/Share" see sections 2.2 and 4.1.