5. Tags  

Both Projects and Articles posted at TOXUUS have their associated tags, pre-assigned keywords that best describe the project or article posted.

When you add/share a Project or an Article on TOXUUS, you need to assign them Tag(s). To see how to add/share a Project or an article see sections 4.3 and 4.1.

Once you add/share Projects, you can view them and their assigned Tags from the Projects section. Click on the title of the project you added/shared. This will open the page for that specific project where you can see the Tag(s) you assigned in along with other features of the project. For more information about the Project Pages, see Section 2.1.1.

You can view the Articles and their associated Tag(s), on the other hand, from the Articles section. To know more about the Articles, see Section 2.2.

Both Articles and Projects can be searched using their attached Tag(s). See sections 7.1 and 7.2 to learn how to search or browse the TOXUUS Projects and Articles with their Tag(s).

When you search an Article or a Project using its corresponding Tag(s) or when you enter a Tag for a posted Article or a Project, you will see a list of Tag(s) appearing below the cursor, some of which get filtered out as you keep writing. This has several advantages such as (i) avoiding a tag synonymous with an already added tag, (ii) simplifing the writing, (iii) minimizing the misspelling, and (iv) simplifying the search.