4.1.1. Review Articles  

Review Article is detailed but not too technical explanation of a specific TOXUUS tag. It is generated by the contribution of volunteer users.

You can view a review article as attached to a specific Tag. When you select an article from the Articles section, you will also see the attached tag(s) of the article you choose. If there is only one tag, then you will see a Review Article at the end of the page. If there are more than one tag, however, you need to click on one of the tags to view a Review Article. This will bring up a page displaying a list of articles under the Tag you select. The Review Article on the Tag you choose is shown at the end of the page.

Alternatively, to view a Review Article you can use either Tag/Inspiration Search or Tag Index. You can also access these from the Articles section. If you choose Tag/Inspiration Search, you need to enter only one tag in the Tag(s) box and nothing is recommended in the Inspirations box. If you choose Tag Index, on the other hand, you can choose the tag you wish from the alphanumerical list.

If you want to add or contribute to a Review Article about a given tag, first find the tag by using one of the above methods. Then, open the Add a Review Article page in the Review Article section to start a review article about the tag you choose. If someone had already started the review article on the tag you choose, click simply on the Edit link next to the Review Article line to make your own contribution to the article.

For more information about Tags see Section 5.