2.1.1. Project Pages  

Each project listed in the Projects section has its own special page. Each project falls into one of three categories: (i) Open Question Project, (ii) Developing Project, and (iii) Defined Project.

Open Question Projects are to explore any open scientific or engineering question that challenges scientists or engineers.

Developing Projects are incomplete projects. As the name implies, a developing project page aims to develop a useful project by integrating the possible contributions of interested users.

In contrast, Defined Projects are the most concrete and well defined projects. The moderator of these projects are supposed to know at least the initial steps of the project as well as how to guide the project members in accordance with their capabilities.

The date and category of the project are shown under the project title in the Projects section. Once you click on the title of the project you choose, you will be given access to the Project Page for that specific project.

A Project Page contains three sections: (i) Abstract, (ii) Details, and (iii) Notes. Abstract section is for a brief description of the project. Details section explains the project in a detailed manner to have users better understand the project details. Users can publish their results here as the project proceeds. It may be also considered for the purpose of advertising your projects to gather the attention of visitors, potential contributors, or collaborators. The third section is intended to be as a private page, where you can take notes about the project in general, or action items, with the flexibility of how you would like to use.

For clarity, these sections are accompanied by a symbol on the left to expand or contract them. Outward arrows are to expand the section, while the inward arrows are to contract the already expanded texts.

All the projects can be edited by clicking on the Edit (Edit Project) link on the right hand side of the project title.

Apart from those three sections described above, chosen project page also includes Tags and Contributions.

Tags are very much like the keywords which best describe the project. Detailed information about the tags are given in Section 5: Tags. Contributions part is aimed to provide the moderator with possible directions and comments about how to succeed the proposed project or how to improve and develop a project from a raw idea. Any contribution can be added by clicking on the Add New link on the right hand side of the Contributions line. This will take you to an editable page, where you can contribute the project by sharing your ideas, comments, and/or suggestions to help the project succeed.

Project members for the chosen project can be viewed through My Toxuus > My Projects > Members. In the Project Members section the members of the projects are listed under the brief description of the project, which is typically the Abstract. For each member there are three columns. Info column lists the member profile and his/her proposal. Proposal is a one-paragraph description of why the prospective member would like to join the project and how he/she could contribute. Action column includes two options, Block or Approve. Block option is to block the membership of an already approved member and Approve option is to approve a new or a blocked member. In the third column, named as Status, is shown the status of a member. It could be one of these three: Approved, Pending, Moderator. Approved means that the member has accepted or given access to the project. Pending means that the member is either blocked or not yet granted access. His application for the project may be in process. Moderator of the project is shown as Moderator under the Status column.