2.2. Articles  

Similar to the Projects, articles are also categorized under the respective R&D divisions. Under each division they are subcategorized according to the submission years. You can see the most recently submitted articles by clicking on the Recent link. To see the list of articles submitted in a specific month of a year, say September 2007, first click on the year, 2007. This will open a new page, where you can also choose the month. For September, for example, click on "9".

Once you access the list of articles submitted most recently or in a specific month, you can see the submission dates and codes. You can access the abstract of the articles by clicking on the Full Text link next to the article code. If you click on the title of the article you choose, this will take you to the page of that specific article, where you can see more details about the article such as tags, inspirations, and review article. All of these are separately explained in relevant help pages: Section 5: Tags, Section 6: Inspirations, and Section 4.1.1: Review Articles. It is also possible to edit article details by opening the editor. Editor can be opened by clicking on the Edit link.

In the Articles section, there are three types of search options available: (i) Tag/Inspiration Search, (ii) Tag Index, and (iii) Advanced Search. For details, see Section 7.2: Search Articles.