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EU research funding is open to all
08 Jun, 2018 | Nature BriefingFull Text External Link Indicator
"The European Commissionís next seven-year science-funding scheme ó its biggest ever ó will allow any country to join for a price. The Horizon Europe framework will run from 2021 to 2027 and has a provisional budget of nearly Ä100 billion (US$117 billion). That pot does not include a contribution from Britain, which will leave the European Union in 2019. But plans confirm that the United Kingdom, and other countries that meet certain criteria, will be able to negotiate access to take part for a fee ." Nature
Confirmed: Elsevier Has Bought Mendeley For $69M-$100M To Expand Its Open, Social Education Data Efforts
09 Apr, 2013 | TechcrunchFull Text External Link Indicator
"Educational publisher Elsevier is diving deeper into the world of open and social educational data: it has bought Mendeley, the London/New York-based provider of a platform for academics and organizations to share research and collaborate with others via a social network. The terms of the deal have not been publicly disclosed but we understand it is for a sum between $69 million and $100 million. We first broke the news of this deal when it was still being negotiated, in January." Ingrid Lunden
3 Raises $4.5 Million To Help Researchers Share Their Scholarly Papers
01 Dec, 2011 | TechCrunchFull Text External Link Indicator, a social network for researchers, is having a good year. In 2011 itís tripled its total registered userbase to 800,000, and today itís announcing some major news that ensures the site will be expanding well into the future: itís just raised $4.5 million in a funding round led by Spark Capital, with participation from True Ventures. This is the companyís second round of funding, after a $2.2 million round in late 2009 (the investors from that round participated in this one as well).
MIT to make all faculty publications open access
26 Mar, 2009 | ars technicaFull Text External Link Indicator
In the latest salvo in the fight over open access scholarship, the faculty of MIT have voted to make any publication originating at the university open access.
Google's PageRank Predicts Nobel Prize Winners
21 Jan, 2009 | arXiv blogFull Text External Link Indicator
"The pattern of citations between scientific papers forms a network that has remarkable similarities to the network formed by the web. So why not use Google's PageRank, the world's most effective search algorithm to rank these papers in the same way it ranks websites? That's exactly what a couple of US researchers have done for physics papers published by the American Physical Society since 1893. The results make interesting reading because almost all of the top ten papers resulted in (or were linked to) Nobel Prizes for their authors. Which means that studying the up-and-coming entries on the list ought to be a good way of predicting future winners. Better get your bets in before the bookies get wind of this."
The Future Is Now? Pretty Soon, at Least
04 Jun, 2008 | NY TimesFull Text External Link Indicator
"By 2029, Dr. Kurzweil wagers, a computer will pass the Turing Test by carrying on a conversation that is indistinguishable from a humanís."
Harvard Faculty Votes to Make Open Access Its Default Mode
29 Mar, 2008 | ScienceFull Text External Link Indicator
Harvard University has jumped into the contentious debate on open-access publishing with a plan to make research papers freely accessible online.
Quantum Lottery
26 Jan, 2007 | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Can quantum mechanics help increase our chance of winning in games or lotteries?
Photonic crystals remember the light
15 Jan, 2007 | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
The ability to rapidly tune the photonic crystals and program to store information brings them a step closer for optical memory.
First Open-Source Archivistsí Toolkit from UC San Diego
23 Dec, 2006 | UCSD NewsFull Text External Link Indicator
UCSD offers the first open-source archival data-management system, Archivistsí Toolkit ô for download by interested institutions. The project is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and development efforts by librarians and researchers at UC San Diego, New York University, and Five Colleges Inc.

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