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First Open-Source Archivists’ Toolkit from UC San Diego
23 Dec | UCSD NewsFull Text External Link Indicator
UCSD offers the first open-source archival data-management system, Archivists’ Toolkit ™ for download by interested institutions. The project is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and development efforts by librarians and researchers at UC San Diego, New York University, and Five Colleges Inc.
Technology Lost in History
07 Dec | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
The ancient Antikythera Mechanism both challenges our assumptions about history and technology transfer over ages.
Online Video Journals
27 Nov | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
"For about a year, my boss thought I was completely incompetent because I couldn't replicate those beautiful published pictures," says Cemile Guldal, a graduate student at Princeton University in New Jersey. Now she shows the world how to study yeast with a lab-made video.
Wikipedia to Recognize Editors
04 Nov | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Wikipedia, free online encyclopedia, including more than a million articles in English alone aims to recognize the status of academic editors.
Journey to the Early Universe
19 Oct | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Astronomers announced the record breaking most distant galaxy seen from the Earth.
Goodbye Pluto!
30 Aug | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Pluto has been kicked out of solar family after a tense debate on the definition of a planet. Pluto failed to satisfy the two criteria out of three.
How to define planets?
19 Aug | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Next week, in a meeting of International Astronomical Union to be held in Prague, Czeck Republic three more objects in the solar system could be promoted to "planet".
Will robots ever get a heart?
18 Jul | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
Will we ever be able to build a robot, WHO will have a human-level conscienceness.
Chinese Scientists Present 100 Interdisciplinary Problems of the 21st Century
30 May | MRS BulletinFull Text External Link Indicator
133 Chinese scientists published a new book on 100 interdisciplinary puzzles of the 21st century involving various fields of natural and social sciences.
How did Neptune kidnap Triton?
23 May | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Triton's opposite rotation and circular orbit tilted from the equador of Neptune suggests that the satellite once orbited the Sun before capture by Neptune.

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