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A Company Is Trying to Resurrect the Brain Dead, a Really Bad Idea
26 May, 2016 | Big ThinkFull Text External Link Indicator
"U.S. company Bioquark, in partnership with India’s Revita Life Science, has embarked on what it calls the “Reanima Project.” They’re going to attempt to resurrect brain-dead subjects. With all the necessary regulatory approvals somehow now in place, the companies will be leveraging stem cell therapy, nerve stimulation, and transcranial laser therapy to try to achieve the kind of brain regeneration that’s been seen in salamanders and sea cucumbers. In humans. Living humans. 20 of them, at the Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand India." by Robby Berman
Into the Deep: Lights in the deep
03 Feb, 2008 | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Far below the surface of the ocean, beyond the reach of the Sun's rays, organisms still have eyes. Mark Schrope investigates seeing without sunlight.