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Theoretical and Applied Physics
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Accretion Discs in the Lab
22 Dec | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Why doesn't gas around the blackholes remain in a stable orbit? It has been indicated by an astrophysics experiment that it is more than fluid dynamics.
Hot Quantum Information
12 Dec | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Independent of the heat carrier there is a fundamental limit to heat flow, similar to electric charges. This could also have a role in quantum information theory.
Crystal Qubit
12 Dec | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Nitrogen vacancies in some diamonds might have prospects for qubits of a quantum computer if appropriately manipulated.
Photonics Revolution
27 Nov | OmniGuide Inc.Full Text External Link Indicator
Many observers expect that photonic crystals will revolutionize the 21st century by doing the job of semiconductors with photons at light speed.
Invisibility Unveiled
16 Nov | ScienceFull Text External Link Indicator
A team of physicists produced a cloaking device that renders an object invisible.
Quantum Teleportation of Light to Atoms
05 Nov | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Teleportation of quantum state of a light pulse to an atomic ensemble of 1012 Cs atoms was achieved. It is regarded an important step toward the realization of quantum networks.
Electron Spin Now Rotates
19 Aug | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Utilization of spin states of single electrons confined in semiconductor quantum dots is one the most promising approaches for the realization of quantum computers. However, it was missing an important ingredient, single qubit rotation.
Atom by Atom Assembly for Storage and Computing
06 Aug | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Yazdani and colleages find a deft technique to allow atom by atom assembly of a magnetic semiconductor. Their method is a further step toward a computer chip that might simultaneously store and manipulate data.
Hydrodynamics of Atherosclerosis
18 Jul | Pulse, UC San DiegoFull Text External Link Indicator
A group of UCSD bioengineering researchers led by proffessor Shu Chien is investigating the mechanical forces acting on the blood vessels to better treat the heart diseases.
Crack the $200,000 Cash
08 Jun | RSA LaboratoriesFull Text External Link Indicator
The RSA laboratories challenge the RSA hackers by offering up to $200,000 if their 2048-bit number is factorized successfully.

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