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Theoretical and Applied Physics
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This quantum stuff just doesn't add up
14 Nov | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Mathematical quirk of light shines a path to quantum cryptography.
Quantum physics: Qubits ride the photon bus
11 Oct | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Quantum mechanics using whole electrical circuits might seem a far-fetched idea. But make the circuits superconducting, and they can be used to send and collect single photons, rather like atoms do only better.
Quantum computing: Powered by symmetry
02 Aug | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Forces determine how particles move and behave. But so can symmetry, and exchange symmetry can be used to control the interactions of ultracold atoms. This could be a big step towards practical quantum computation.
Quantum mechanics: Interference in the matter
01 Aug | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Like any particle, electrons are also waves that can interfere with each other. Remarkably, this interference can even happen between electrons from different sources that have never physically interacted.
Unseen Universe: Welcome to the dark side
01 Aug | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Physicists say that 96% of the Universe is unseen, and appeal to the ideas of 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' to make up the difference. In the first of two articles, Jenny Hogan reports that attempts to identify the mysterious dark matter are on the verge of success. In the second, Geoff Brumfiel asks why dark energy, hailed as a breakthrough when discovered a decade ago, is proving more frustrating than ever to the scientists who study it.
Racing to Capture Darkness
23 Jul | Science MagazineFull Text External Link Indicator
Their gravity holds galaxies together. Their identity has fueled decades of theoretical speculation. Now particle physicists are vying to drag dark-matter particles into the light.
Cosmic-ray results auger well for future
23 Jul | Nature PhysicsFull Text External Link Indicator
The first substantial results from the world's largest detector of cosmic rays are being presented this week at a conference in Mexico.
Many worlds: See me here, see me there
23 Jul | NatureFull Text External Link Indicator
Fifty years ago, a physics student dissatisfied with the standard view of quantum mechanics came up with a radical new interpretation. Mark Buchanan reports on the ensuing debate.
Microcavities: Pyramidal resonators
03 Jun | Nature PhotonicsFull Text External Link Indicator
Microscale three-dimensional pyramid-shaped GaAs structures embedded with InGaAs quantum-dot light emitters have been developed by Frank Weber and co-workers at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. The team says that once optimized, the microcavity resonators have the potential for small mode volumes and high Q factors, and could be used as fibre-coupled single-photon sources.
Quantum communication: Pushing the limits
03 Jun | Nature PhotonicsFull Text External Link Indicator
The combination of superconducting single-photon detectors and phase-shift keying technology has enabled a leap in the performance of quantum cryptography.

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