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Terahertz transmitter sets frequency record
13 Mar | MRS BulletinFull Text External Link Indicator
"A terahertz transmitter developed at the Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt, Germany, has set a new frequency record, 1.111 THz, for microelectronic devices. The innovative device is also minuscule and operates at room temperature, which could lead to its paving the way for new applications in, for example, nondestructive testing or medical diagnostics."
Inverse spin Hall effect observed in silicon
13 Mar | MRS BulletinFull Text External Link Indicator
Designers of next-generation electronics are trying to take advantage of both the electronís charge and spin. The success of spintronic devices therefore hinges on the ability to convert
between spin and charge currents. The direct spin Hall effect is typically used to probe spin-orbit coupling in these materials, but the technique cannot be applied to semiconductors with long spin lifetimes, such as indirect bandgap silicon. Researchers Kazuya Ando and Eiji Saitoh at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, have turned their attention to the inverse spin Hall effect (ISHE),
which makes use of the high resistivity of semiconductors to detect tiny spin currents. Ando and Saitoh show that it is possible to study spin-orbit interactions using ISHE in otherwise unmeasurable systems.