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Gold nanoparticles self-assemble to make efficient broadband plasmonic absorbers
08 Jul | MRS BulletinFull Text External Link Indicator
"Plasmonic absorbers are gaining significant attention for applications such as photo/thermal detectors, solar energy conversion, and infrared imaging because of their exceptional ability to concentrate electromagnetic energy and trap it into thin layers to generate hot electrons. These absorbers are a determining factor in the performance of the whole system,
making their efficiency and bandwidth of absorption crucial. A research team from Nanjing University, China, has now fab-
ricated a broadband plasmonic absorber with average measured absorbance of 99% across wavelengths ranging from
400 nm to 10 μm." by Rachana Acharya
Research highlights: Perovskites
15 Mar | MRS BulletinFull Text External Link Indicator
"Research on perovskites has progressed rapidly since the first perovskite-based solar cells with ~4% efficiency were reported in
2009. MRS Bulletin presents a selection of recent advances in this burgeoning field." by Prachi Patel
Photonic-crystal nanolasers shown to be highly sensitive biosensors
11 Jan | MRS BulletinFull Text External Link Indicator
"Move over, ELISA. While the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent
Assay has long been one of the most popular ways of detecting and quantifying the presence of antibodies or antigens in solution, nanolasers may be poised to share the spotlight on the biosensor stage." by Rachel Berkowitz