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Intel's New Path to Quantum Computing
14 Jun, 2018 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"Intel's director of quantum hardware, Jim Clarke, explains the company's two quantum computing technologies" By Samuel K. Moore and Amy Nordrum
Fujitsu’s CMOS Digital Annealer Produces Quantum Computer Speed
07 Jun, 2018 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"Fujitsu has designed a new computer architecture running on silicon that the company claims rivals that of quantum computers in utility. Dubbed the Digital Annealer, Fujitsu has begun offering cloud services this month employing the technology to resolve combinatorial optimization problems such as finding similarities between patterns of molecules to speed up drug discovery, choosing investments for financial portfolios, and rearranging the layout of components in warehouses and factories to increase productivity." by John Boyd
Quantum Blockchains Could Act Like Time Machines
01 May, 2018 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"Quantum blockchain systems could resist hacks by quantum computers" By Charles Q. Choi
Satellite-Based QKD
01 Feb, 2018 | Optics and PhotonicsFull Text External Link Indicator
"A global network of spacecraft and ground stations, distributing secret encryption keys by means of quantum technology, could meet emerging and long-term threats to data security." by Imran Khan, Bettina Heim, Andreas Neuzner and Christoph Marquardt
Flip-Flop Qubit Could Make Silicon the King of Quantum Computing
23 Nov, 2017 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"Headline-grabbing quantum computing efforts by Google and IBM have mostly focused on building quantum bits, called qubits, out of loops of superconducting materials. But a recent breakthrough could enable a different technology based on spin-based silicon qubits to eventually dominate the rise of quantum computers." by Jeremy Hsu
Comtest Announces Next Step in Polystyrene Absorber Technology
16 Nov, 2017 | Microwave JournalFull Text External Link Indicator
"After nearly two years of development, Comtest has finished work on its new MT45-JT absorber and is ready to present the technology at the 39th annual meeting and symposium of the Antenna Measurements Techniques Association (AMTA) in Atlanta, Ga. The MT45-JT owes its name to the recognizable Javelin tip it is equipped with. This specially designed tip allows the absorber to operate in frequencies from 500 MHz all the way up to 40 Ghz, meaning Comtest’s polystyrene absorber is now able to match the performance of traditional polyurethane foam absorbers."
China Demonstrates Quantum Encryption By Hosting a Video Call
30 Oct, 2017 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
“Chinese researchers have completed a practical demonstration of quantum key distribution, showing that it’s possible to encrypt and send data between two locations in a highly secure way.” by Amy Nordrum
Quantum Optical Memory Device One Thousand Times Smaller Than Previous Options
29 Oct, 2017 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
“The prospects for optical quantum networks—in which information is transmitted by encoding data using the quantum state of photons—has been on the upswing lately, leading to some commercial quantum photonics products currently on the market.” by Dexter Johnson
Manipulating and Controlling Sound: The Development of Acoustic Metamaterials
24 Aug, 2017 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"From consumer audio to ultrasound imaging, the impact of new metamaterial structures for acoustic cloaking is far-reaching." by GEMMA CHURCH and VALERIO MARRA
Making the Case for Acoustics Modeling and Simulation Apps
17 Aug, 2017 | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"In designing acoustical systems, engineers must account for multiple physics and their interactions at multiple scales and frequencies." by Mads J. Herring Jensen

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