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Intel's New Path to Quantum Computing
14 Jun | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"Intel's director of quantum hardware, Jim Clarke, explains the company's two quantum computing technologies" By Samuel K. Moore and Amy Nordrum
Fujitsuís CMOS Digital Annealer Produces Quantum Computer Speed
07 Jun | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"Fujitsu has designed a new computer architecture running on silicon that the company claims rivals that of quantum computers in utility. Dubbed the Digital Annealer, Fujitsu has begun offering cloud services this month employing the technology to resolve combinatorial optimization problems such as finding similarities between patterns of molecules to speed up drug discovery, choosing investments for financial portfolios, and rearranging the layout of components in warehouses and factories to increase productivity." by John Boyd
Quantum Blockchains Could Act Like Time Machines
01 May | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
"Quantum blockchain systems could resist hacks by quantum computers" By Charles Q. Choi
Satellite-Based QKD
01 Feb | Optics and PhotonicsFull Text External Link Indicator
"A global network of spacecraft and ground stations, distributing secret encryption keys by means of quantum technology, could meet emerging and long-term threats to data security." by Imran Khan, Bettina Heim, Andreas Neuzner and Christoph Marquardt