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An Amplifier That’s Quantum Quiet
15 Dec | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
An exotic new amplifier might be quiet enough for quantum computing.
"Egg-Carton" Solution to Improving Efficiency of Quantum Dots
08 Dec | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
The quantum dot has been held out as a potential game-changer in the field solid-state lighting for some time now.
Weird Light-Bending Experiment Turns Scientists Into 'Coneheads'
06 Dec | LiveScienceFull Text External Link Indicator
In a mind-bending, and light-bending, discovery, scientists have produced a fun-house-like warping of light that defies existing laws of physics.
”Faked states” mimic quantum entanglement
02 Dec | Physics TodayFull Text External Link Indicator
Bell’s inequalities are the quintessential test of the quantum nature of a system. But experiments show that the test can be fooled—if one ignores the fine print.
5 Raises $4.5 Million To Help Researchers Share Their Scholarly Papers
01 Dec | TechCrunchFull Text External Link Indicator, a social network for researchers, is having a good year. In 2011 it’s tripled its total registered userbase to 800,000, and today it’s announcing some major news that ensures the site will be expanding well into the future: it’s just raised $4.5 million in a funding round led by Spark Capital, with participation from True Ventures. This is the company’s second round of funding, after a $2.2 million round in late 2009 (the investors from that round participated in this one as well).
Intellectual Ventures Invents Beam-Steering Metamaterials Antenna
01 Dec | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
IV and others aim at cheap in-flight broadband. (K. M. Palmer)
Seeing More Clearly at the Nanoscale
25 Nov | MRS BulletinFull Text External Link Indicator
Recent advancements in a wide range of instrumentation including high-resolution electron and optical microscopes,
chemical analyzers, and spectroscopes allow researchers to see and manipulate matter with unprecedented precision and
accuracy. However, despite large investments by universities, government facilities, and industry in these instruments
and capabilities, sample preparation and poor sample quality continue to impede characterization accuracy, reproducibility,
and throughput. Poor sample preparation creates artifacts such as aggregation or sample damage that introduce uncertainty in data and analysis and that often require multiple samples for a
single quality data point or image.
A New Angle on Imaging
17 Nov | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
Capturing the direction of light beams can make for after-the-fact focusing.
High Energy-Conversion Rates for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Made Easier
10 Nov | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
Earlier this year Dexter Johnson had the opportunity to do an interview with the discover of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), Michael Grätzel, in which he indicated that we should expect to see DSSCs capable of 10% conversion efficiency mass produced quite soon.

Copper at the Speed of Fiber?
20 Oct | IEEE SpectrumFull Text External Link Indicator
A new standard for faster DSL could bring better broadband to homes before fiber gets there.

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