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Scalable Architectures for Photonic Quantum Computers and Networks
Anonymous | 2.5.2009 | Defined Project (updated on 12.12.2015) | Print Preview
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Despite promising developments in theory, progress in the physical realization of quantum circuits, algorithms, and communication systems has been extremely challenging to date. There are many approaches for quantum information processing. Major model physical systems include nuclear magnetic resonance, ion trap, neutral atom, cavity QED, solid state, superconducting, and optical approaches. All of these have their own advantages, but unfortunately, also their own drawbacks. Ideally, one would merge the most attractive features of these different approaches in a single technology. We explore photonic crystals, planar lightwave integrated circuits, and metamaterials as the bases for large-scale, robust and compact quantum circuit boards and processors of the next generation computers and networking devices. In this project cavity QED, solid state, and optical approaches are our main emphasises to be improved through this technology.
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 Tags : Cavity QED, Integrated Optics, Linear Optical Quantum Computation, Photonic Crystals, Planar Lightwave Circuits, Quantum Communication, Quantum Computation
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