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Photonic Crystal Fibers for High-Performance LIDAR Applications
Anonymous | 2.22.2009 | Defined Project (updated on 4.29.2012) | Print Preview
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We explore photonic crystal fibers (PCF) to develop new enabling systems for high-performance LIDAR. Development of new fiber technologies with high-power scalability is crucial for making efficient, compact and robust light sources practical for a wide variety of LIDAR applications including environmental, scientific, and military. Given, especially the current atmospheric and geological trends in our planet, more accurate and high-precision monitoring and detection of our environment has become rather significant. PCF based lasers and amplifiers are highly attractive in the sense that they can offer solutions superior to traditional fiber technologies. They have already produced an immense literature in a very short time, ranging from hollow-core fibers to supercontinuum generation, frequency comb, spectroscopy and fiber amplifiers, among others.
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 Tags : Fiber Lasers, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), Photonic Crystal Fibers
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