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Physical Cryptography
Anonymous | 2.22.2009 | Defined Project (updated on 4.30.2009) | Print Preview
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Physical cryptosystems base their security underlying inherently complex physical systems. They can potentially provide high levels of complementary security to existing standard cryptosystems, which are in principle vulnerable against new hardware or algorithms due to their unproven mathematical assumptions and loopholes. Physical cryptography can also have advantages over quantum cryptography (special kind of physical cryptography that exploits quantum states), which demands highly sophisticated techniques to distribute the fragile quantum states. However, although many physical cryptosystems have been proposed, the search for quantifiable security and simultaneously practical implementation still continues. In this project we study how to evaluate the performance and security of these new cryptography schemes. In particular, we search for reliable and quantifiable security analysis techniques to assess those systems.
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 Tags : Cryptography, Security
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