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Isotropic Bulk Negative Index Metamaterials
Anonymous | 3.8.2009 | Defined Project (updated on 6.28.2016) | Print Preview
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The simultaneously negative effective magnetic permeability and electric permittivity of metamaterials gives rise to exotic electromagnetic phenomena not known to exist naturally. These materials can enable, for example, ultrahigh-resolution imaging and lithography systems. Bulk isotropic three-dimensional (3D) negative index metamaterial (NIM) designs with low absorption and high transmission that operate at terahertz and optical frequencies are needed to explore all potential applications of NIMs. Direct laser writing is a promising technique for the fabrication of truly 3D large-scale photonic metamaterials. In this project we develop feasible NIM designs for DLW processes.
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 Tags : Isotropy, Metamaterials, Negative Index Materials
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