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Grand Unified Theory from the Perspectives of Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics
Anonymous | 1.6.2007 | Defined Project (updated on 12.19.2009) | Print Preview
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It was shown by Alaettin Yildiz [A. Yildiz, Dissertation D83, Technical University of Berlin, Germany (1965)] experimentally in mid 1960s that there exists previously unknown critical value for the rotation rate of a cylinder above which occurs a sharp transition in the quantitative dependence of heat transfer on the system parameters. He considered a rotating cylinder that was subjected to an airstream along the axis of rotation. His objective was to characterize the measured aerodynamic heat transfer in terms of the dimensionless numbers describing the system. The convective heat transfer was closely related to the characteristics of the flow around the vicinity of the cylinder surface. In this project we explore the possibility of similar phenomena in the early stages of Big Bang.
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 Tags : Fluid Dynamics, Grand Unified Theory, Heat Transfer
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