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An Alternative Energy Source: Hazelnuts
Anonymous | 5.19.2008 | Developing Project (updated on 1.9.2010) | Print Preview
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It has been estimated based on Hubbert's peak that the amount of recoverable oil from known reserves is declining to uneconomical levels. Biofuel from agricultural produce and wastes is an alternative strategy. Brazil, for instance, has been the first country to commercially produce ethanol as a substitute for a gasoline. [V.S. Arunachalam, E. L. Fleischer, MRS Bulletin 33, 264 (2008)]. In this project we want to explore another plant-based biofuel, hazelnut, as an alternative energy source. If the hazelnut is proven to be a relatively efficient, sustainable, low-emission, and economically viable route, it will contribute to the development of local agricultural industries as well.
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 Tags : Energy, Hazelnuts
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